Baycroft City
"De la baie de la mer sur"




157 A.N





The City of Baycroft was Minecraftia's main Import/Export town. Located on the Bay of Notch, Baycroft served as one of the first towns immigrants visted.


Baycroft was first settled with Tribes until the year of 157 A.N. Richard Mangeriue, President of Minecraftia at the time, was in search for land that was suitable for a settlement. Baycroft was founded soon after, and was quickly established. At first, Richard's plans were only to make Baycroft a small fisherman town, however during the year of 162 the Coal Industry boomed in Baycroft, causing nearly 600 new inhabitants to the town.

Magical Order PresenceEdit

In 316 A.N, The Magical Order established a Wizard's Tower off the coast of Baycoft. This was a descision made by the Mayor of Baycroft, as the city had no established factions at the time. After the construction of the Wizard's Tower, it was deemed the 2nd largest tower in the world of Minecraft. The Massive Obsidian Tower still stands in Minecraftia, however it is abandon.

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