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Name: Ben(jamin) Jaxer

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Lone wolf

Ben Jaxer was born in the year of 516 (though he does't know). He was born in the town of Trevek were he was born into one of the peasants there. On his 6nd birthday hs entire family was slan by the cult of herobrine. He was mistakenly left alive and had to scavenge to survive as the othe peasants. As he grew he learned of the cult by listening to the peasants and sought to destroy the cult and their master... Herobrine


As he grew in age Ben began making making his plan to rid the world of the cult by destroying Herobrine.Then all when he was done strategizing he had one last thing to do. Wait...


After Ben turned 19 he went to where the magical order had accidently made a potal to the neither and went in. Ben infultrated the Cultists' base and found Herobrine. Ben was almost no match for Herobrine so it was only minutes before Ben was defeated. Herobrine felt power radiating from him just enogh so the Herobrine could not kill him. But Herobrine throw him back into the portal...

Ciiya 100 years later

Ben woke up on a beach with his clothes in shredds and a large scar on his right cheek. He also noticed something else.. He couldn't remeber anything.


Ben was just engaged in the Great fight. He fought and miraculously lived.
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Now that is livetime goal has bee acheved, he now is epic