The BeginningsEdit

In the beginning, Coronus came from an ancient bloodline of Elves, before the Sundering split the race in half. That is another story however. His family were on the side of the Dark Elves, treacherous, murderous fiends. He, however, was different. He still had a keen knowledge of how to shed blood, but wished to kill swiftly, cleanly, without fuss. As a child, he learned to dance through the trees, jumping from branch to branch as if he was born to. He was a master of the blade by 15, a quick feat for the centuries old Elves. He could handle two at any given time and dismember foes before they had even opened their eyes in surprise. By 17 he had mastered the bow, pinning flies to trees at 500 yards, without killing them. By the age of 23, he had grown a name for himself as one of the best assassins in the region. His blade and bow had changed much over the years, his sword was known as "Dictators End", his bow was modified personally by him, to be able to fire volleys at a time, without the need to pull the string. It was known as "Balefire Rain" By 25, he had felled entire Dictatorships by himself.

Life on SuluEdit

After arriving on Sulu by a small ship, Coronus made his was to the forests, to stake a claim on the land, so he could build his home in peace. But, no peace was to come to him. During the night. he noted the cruch of leaves. Not a zombie, nor a skeleton could move with such a silence. SUddenly, he was bitten in the neck. A vampire had got to him. The pain was excrutiating, driving him insane. He collapsed to the floor, and woke later in the week. Seconds seemed like hours, and everything warped under his vision. He felt his mouth, two incisors had sprouted and the lust for blood harried his heart. So it seemed his skills at assassination were not to be wasted, for now a Vampiric edge had been cast upon him. He could risk the greatest heights and not fear the fall, be one with the nightmarish creatures of the night. His first target...that, has yet to be found.

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