Elleria City:
"Through Articullus we Trust"




217 A.N


Doctor Articullus



The City of Elleria is Minecraft's Largest City after the destruction of Trevek City in 389 A.F. It houses over 3000 Inhabitants, and is the Largest City in Sulu.


Elleria was founded by Minecraftian Explorers in 217 A.N after searching the Ilses of Sulu for farming land. The voyagers noticed that the land was perfect for agriculture, and set up a small shelter there. It was named Elleria after the Goddess of Freedom, since the land was free and wide. In 226, Elleria's population grew to a shocking 500 inhabitants. During this year, Elleria was named a City. In 302 A.N, Elleria became the second largest city in The World of Minecraft, the reason for the large growth in population over the years is the vast opertunities for immigration, such as several different career paths.


Until 331, Elleria City has run under the control of a "Democracy Government" system. During the time of the Minecraft Gold Rush, Elleria City was taken under control by George Articullus, who dramaticly changed the cities government system. Instead of following Democracy Rights, Articullus changed the city into a Neo-Communist Government. At first, many citizens rebelled against the change, which spurred several wars. It was not until 337 that Sulu was completly overthrown by the Articullus Empire. This caused severe changes to Sulu's Trading Routes, which was later then settled in 342 A.N. To this day, Elleria still runs under the watch of the Articullus Family, aswell as the newly crowned Steven Articullus.