The Enderman


The Far Lands



Average Height:


Skin Color:


Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Pale Green



The Enderman is a rare species who was founded by Robert R. Mulligan. Mulligan discovered the creatures after Farlands Research. They are passive/agressive creatures that can attack without notice. People are warned that these creatures are very intelligent, however very dangerous. You are urged to report the Enderman if found to the City Guards. They are tall, with green eyes and black shaded skin. They have long legs, and long arms. They are usually smoking when they sense a Sentient Life-form nearby.

Attack MethodsEdit

Endermen are completely Passive, until you look at them. Then they wil look Directly at you, open their jaw a good foot, and start to vibrate like mad, and smoke. Once you look away, they will teleport in your face and attack. if you sprint like mad and outrun them, they will teleport to you. They deal attacks that can break a Bull's bones. Two hits, and you're gone.


Scientific Studies have shown that the Endermen Race are Neutral unless looked at by direct eye level. It is reccomended that upon your journey's if you come across an Enderman to NOT look directly at their eyes.

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