Gold Sword
Gold sword







First Developed:

343 A.F

Developed By:

Sunseam Solutions

The Gold Sword was first developed in 343 A.F by the corporation Sunseam Solutions. The Gold Sword was introduced as a alternative for civilians to use, however it does not match up to the strength of the Iron Sword. The Gold Sword is recommended for Commoners and Guards.


The first developement of the Golden Sword underwent during the Gold Rush Era. However, the developement of the Sword never made it into the manufactureing phase. The project was put on hold for 45 years, until the company Sunseam Solutions resurected the development phase of the Gold Sword. After several successfull tests, the Gold Sword released to the public. Although the sales were high in the first years of the release, they dropped after the release of the Diamond Sword.

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