Head Ranger Alecto Gleanshea Tideal, The current leader of The Rangers, (See The Rangers) Noble wood elf, and a superb bartender. He was born into deep rich elven heritage, which he still upholds to this day, in a small town called Bael-Slythrim'dae, an ancient elven city, which is hidden from everyone but the citizens. At the start of his life, He lived a casual life for an elf, until he turned 22 (in elf years, 189 human years) When he left his lengthy education and began to wonder about the outside world. This was highly looked down upon for an elf, because the elves are a very secretive race. He was scolded by almost all of his race, but still wondered. But when he was 23, both his parents died in Dreal-las'eon, translated into - "Fire of Ended Fate" And most of Bael-Slythrim'dae burned to the ground. Stricken with greif, He left his home and left. He traveled for many moons, before setting upon a small human hamlet, who where talking about a very peculiar land called... "Roleplay Revolution" And was very interested, and wanted to know more. When he relaised he was not far from this strange land, he set out for it. When he arrived, he didn't know what to do. He met Freinds, Demons, had battles, and explored the land, he told he old friend that he met on his travels, Galleth Grimsnak, a dwarf, to join him in this land. Both he and Galleth were excellent bartenders, so the came to one conclusion; make a pub. They slowly built a pub. When it was complete, they called it "The Drunken Stag" and to this day, Alecto still works there, at the age of 24.


Alecto is a quiet elf.

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