High Warrior James



Arrival to Ciiya

James is allegedly the reicarnation of a assassin who was only known as James.No one truly knows who or where James came from.He came off of the boat in Ciiya with his sword in one hand,a journel in the other.He is the only person to arrive from York....not in a casket.

Hometown Horror

In York,(or whats left now) a massacre happened, which James was a part of.He saw his family die and many friends along with them.He escaped York to be found by a small group of adventurers.All of them were camping one night when a great storm grew,there was one survivor. James was found by a ship of people heading to the land of Ciiya.They told him to get some gear and rest.He found an empty book near a bed and took it.He had many nightmares the first night.When he awoke they had arrived and he got his sword,backpack and journel and began his journy to find answers about the massacre.

The Pillgramage

After he found a letter in an old ruin in his basement,James was told to make a pillgramage.There he learned his true potential...anounced to no one.After the pillgramage he became a self-proclaimed surviovor and veteran of the massacre at York.

The Armored Cross

With the help of his friends, James formed the Mixed Proffesions Guild ( MPG ).They made a HQ in Nick's town called New Rampenzaft where they were the guard and trainers of the town. Later They changed the name to The Armored Cross and they becaume dedicated to protecting Ciiya from the nether. Now they are growing rapidly and have several outposts along the road.


James, being wounded at the battle oh Herobrine, died a couple days later due to the disease he had, or so many people thought.He faked his death to get away and find a cure for the disease that had supposedly killed him.He arrived back in Ciiya 3 years later.

Return and current status

When James arrived back in Ciiya he was greeted by a war with the Iron Wolves and a larger force the AC had acumulated then ever before.The war went on for a few months after James arrived, and he was one of the Armored Cross to sign a treaty with the Iron Wolves, ending the war.James is now in Melarion defending with what is left of the AC.


The massacre at York was a very large attack on the town of Yorkshire where The Cult of Herobrine launched a surprise assult.Almost no one was spared...