Huskivar Corporation




Redstone Research


412 A.N


Victor Huskivar



Current Leader:

Morgan West

Huskivar Corporation is a Privately Owned business that specializes in Redstone Development. They are responsible for the creation of the Redstone Repeater.


Husivar Corporation was founded by Alexander Huskivar in 412 A.N, Huskivar's fasination of the power that is held within Redstone is what lead him to the creation of the company. Although they are privately owned, several other businesses rely on Huskivar Corporation for trade export.


The REDTEK 400I was a experimental Redstone Calculator developed in 389 A.N by Morgan West, the current CEO of Huskivar. The REDTEK was developed using only redstone, and was roughly the size of a 3 story building. Alexander Huskivar was married to West at the time of the REDTEK, which hints towards that he possibly worked on the project with West. The REDTEK 400I was able to calculate simple equations, but costs over 1200 Diamonds to sell.

Recent YearsEdit

Recently, Huskivar Corporation signed a 40 year contract with The Sulu Council for Research and Development within Elleria. It is projected that Huskivar may have established an outpost in Sulu, or possibly a headquaters. No further information has been released since then.

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