Map of The Ilses of Sulu (Note: The grey and brown spot in the center is Elleria City)

The Ilses of Sulu is the second largest Province in the world of Minecraft. It concists of Minecraft's second largest city, Elleria. The Isles are home to the curious yet brutal Orc Race. Sulu's Climate is dry in the summer, with cold and damp winters. The terrian in Sulu is mostly covered by grasslands, with few deserts dotting the coastline. Sulu is known for its rich industry in Mining and Agriculture, aswell as its Totalitarianist Government.


Sulu was first discovered by Minecraftian Voyagers in 126 N.E (Notch Era) by accident. The voyagers noticed its rich soils and dense forests, which lead to the mass migration of Sulu in 146 N.E. It was not until the year 4 A.F (After Notch) that life was found on Sulu before the voyagers arrived, thousands of tribal villages were found by several citizens from Elleria. After investigation, it was figured that the tribal villages have been in Sulu for over 1000 years. This lead to several disagreements between the Tribes and the City, which caused disputes over land. In recent years, Sulu's leader Doctor Articullus has re-assured citizens that the tribes have been whiped out, however this is false.


The Ilse of Sulu has been run by the Articullus family for mearly 200 years. Sulu is known for its Communist-Style formed government, surrounded by the Great Leader named Steven Articullus. The Council of Sulu aswell as Doctor Articullus are both based in the city of Elleria .


A Painting of the Articullus Bridge in Elleria.