An undead being who serves as a commander under Abbadon the Endbringer. He also controls the Dark Paladins who lay down their lives for their Lord.

Early Life

He was a knight of the square table called Leonus the Unforgiving. This was a very long time ago and it was when he was human. He marched into the nether with his brothers armed to the teeth to fight Herobrine and vanquish Herobrine and all evil for good... The battle has long and one by one his brothers died until he was the only one left. Herobrine put a curse on him to make him imortal to suffer the pain forever. He has been stabbed and burned many times and you would think that he would feel the pain. Once Herobrine let him out into the real world, he wondered the world of minecraftia seeking revenge. Some say that he was there to wittness the birth of the Anscesters. He has only just begun showing himself again to the world of minecraftia. Within this time he has fought Black Skull on several occations and they have become quite competetive against each other.

Current Years

He has been sighted in the fortress of The Cult of Abbadon and has taken the role to become a high ranking officer. He has also been rounding up knights who seek vengance and redemption to create an order. He calls this order The Dark Paladins and he makes them as powerful as himself creating a force to be reckoned with. He is also wanted for being a non-believer of Notch and should be killed if armed. He has a rivalry with the Nether Demon Artonus and continue to argue who is greater.Their voices can sometimes be heard throughout the world fighting in the nether and Aether in an endless battle. At times of great danger they join together to make a powerful tag team. The sword he wields is called Nightwing the sword of the dark...

Armor & weapons

The sword he carries is an ancient one. It was given to him by the Ancesters and is said that it even kills those who are immortal. He usually only brings it out in a serious situation to start a masacre or protect Abbadon. Once he uses it it will appear to manipulate shadows and sap the life of an enemy.

Armor is the least of his concerns, his armor is now ancient and worn out but he doesn't care. No matter how many times an enemy attacks him with a sword he will never feel the pain.