Magical Order Outpost Six




416 A.N


Magical Order Facility



Magical Order Outpost Six is a massive complex constructed by the Magical Order in 416 A.N. Outpost Six serves as one of Sulu's only Magical Order Facilities.


After the destruction of Minecraftia, the Magical Order was left without a main base of operations. In 415 A.N the Order migrated to Sulu in search for land available for purchase. After several agreements, Outpost Six was slated for construction.

The IslandsEdit

Most notable, Outpost 6 has 4 Floating Islands surrounded beside the main tower. These islands are magically held up by forces unknown, however they are very stable. These islands serve as different classrooms to the Order. Ancient arts, Weather, Nether and Redstone but four of the studies held here at the Magical Order Outpost Six

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