Ragnar's Hold is one of the newest of the cities sitting in the earth of Cyiia. It was a city born as a brother to the city of Jotunsdeep, where its true roots lie.

The City was created under the order of Ragnar Blackstone, who deemed it necessary to give the people of Jotunsdeep more homes, and a wider lay of the land to call their own.

The walls of the Hold are low lying but thick and strong, having repelled many a bandit raid in their time standing as the true defender of the Hold. Within the walls of the city lay the houses of the city, many draw from the ancient design of the ruins that lay in the earth of Cyiia, that are scattered all around the kingdom, some say it is a nod to the civilisations of old, as a way of respect. Most however believe it to be tying to the roots of the faction, believing it may draw instead from these same ruins, but instead far closer to home; believing that Jotunsdeep may have once upon a time, been an ancient ruin as well having been re-born by the dwarves that made Jotunsdeep.

The Laws of the City are simple, do not kill, steal, and you will be fine, there are no tax's for the housing and the people are highly respected by its current Lord, Sigmund Blackstone, who often wants their safety above his own.

The most notable buildings within the walls are the Temple of the Old Gods and Grand Hall, home to the lord and council chambers for the council of the Blackstone Dominion.