The AncestorEdit

The Ancestors are what Vampires call "The Lords of the Night, and Gods of Darkness."

Leaders and The Master AlterEdit

The Ancestors are at the top of the Vampiric piramid. The head of the Ancestry council is Gene McGill. The Council lives in the "Master Alter"(( a line from the book of vampires writen by Gene McGill) "i have lead my bretheren to "The Master Alter" it looks as if it was once a masive city of Obsidian and Gold."))

Powers of the AncestorsEdit

The Ancestors have many magical powers includeing.

  • Super speed, so fast you cant see them half the time.
  • Mindpowers, Gene and some others can strike down living ang the un-living with a single thought
  • The Abillity to teleport to their children.