The Sky Pillar




Observation Deck, Attraction

Construction Started:

415 A.N

Construction Completed:

417 A.N


Elleria City, Ilses of Sulu

The Sky Pillar is a 32 Story observation tower in Elleria . It is said to bring nearly 3 thousand tourists to Elleria each year.


During the year 348 A.N, land was purchased to build a apartment complex just outside of Elleria. The land remained empty untill 414 A.N, when the production company released that the contruction of a super-tall observation tower was to be constructed. The Sky Pillar was completed in 417 A.N.

Recent YearsEdit

Recently, The Sky Pillar caught fire on the lower levels, shutting down the building for nearly 4 months. The damage was estimated at nearly 12 Million Gold, however it was quickly repaired. Investigations detect that the fire was accidental.



A View of The Sky Pillar at night. Notice the Redstone Tourches that line the top of the tower.

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