Ilses of Sulu



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Vampires of Rignes

Vampires are creatures that roam Minecraftia by night, they are most commonly affiliated with the Vampire group known as Vampires of Rignes.


Vampires have been traced back to as long as 275 A.N, but were first discovered by Minecraftian Explorers in 417. The first known vampire lived under the name of Gene McGill, a Magical Order member who discovered a Altar outside of Elleria. It is unknown how that altar was placed or if it still exists. Today, Most Vampires belive in what they call the "Ancestors" which are the first few Vampires of the land. It is said that the Ancestors are even faster than regular Vampires. It is also said that the Ancestors are unkillable if they are close enough to there "Master Alter" which is the largest Vampire Alter spoken of, the location is unkown.


Vampires are most noted for their pale skin and long fanged teeth. They are non-resistant to sunlight, and tend to roam freely at night. Most vampires are not seen in large crowds, and are extremly steathly. They harvest blood from their hosts that they capture.

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