Vespera Evernight&nbsp

Vespera's last name is known by few, for she lacks to share information with others. She is very secretive about her past, and her recent doings. Vespera is mentioned often by Zafirah, her sister from their shared village of Prarie Vale.


Vespera remembers much of her past, not that she cares to retell of it. She was quite close to her sister Zafirah back in their days as children, but after Zafirah's incident, she too became indifferent about her little sister. Because of this, Vespera found herself alone much more often, giving her time to think...and come to a decision that would be one of her greatest.

Vespera had become corrupted by Herobrine in these times she spent alone. No one suspected such though, for she simply seemed as quiet and innocent as usual...but they were so wrong. Not long after her corruption, she left her home, through a Nether Gate she constructed herself in secret. There was much heartbreak from the young, half-blind girl's leaving...and it hurt Zafirah the most, for she blamed herself for it.


From exposure in the Nether and Cultists for a good portion of her life, her hair has turned redish as apposed to its former blonde color, and her once blue eye the same. A perk to her exposure in the Nether is her her newly developed "6th sense" as Vespera herself calls it. She can now see as she could with two eyes with her one because of this. Through the Cultists, Vespera has obtained many strange abilities as well, like the ability to regenerate wounds extremely fast.


Deciding to return to her home realm, Vespera again found the resources to construct another Nether Gate. Stepping through, she found herself in the middle of nearly nowhere. After a few day's travels though, she stumbled upon the town Portside. From there she learned she was in a complete different country than the small village of her childhood, but also heard rumors of her sister Zafirah resideing in this country called Ciiya as well...

...Due to reasons unknown, Vespera's made her way back into the Nether once again. Probably either Cultist business or other side business she does to sustain herself in the Nether. She is depressed though for she never truthfully got to see her sister in her short stay in Ciiya, but she thinks she might be able to come back in the future...

Strange OccurrencesEdit

It seemed apparent to all that Vespera died in the Herobrine Event-Xanbear himself saw it happen, as Zafirah had been told. Still, once in a while, a woman with a strikingly similar appearance to Vespera can be found wandering Ciiya, though there is rumor that these sightings are of Vespera Evernight... could that be?