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The Cemetery of Heroes many brave Generals and soldiers were buried here.

Many warriors have been slain in combat across our harsh lands. Wars, skirmishes, murder. Throughout history, strong warriors have been slain, and those strong warriors should be remembered.

The Fall of Herobrine

Taking down Herobrine was a massive achievement for the world but came at a great price, but good men died that day. Good men we can't get back, who sacrificed there lives so we could have peace in our world. lest we forget them

General Meaglin Surion & Lord Colm Hogg both fought Herobrine together, but sadly Meaglin never made it back home although his wife had two children a girl and a boy the girls name is lydia and the boys name is Meaglin named after his father. Meaglins son was crowned king of Trevek. (there is a statue of Meaglin Surion in front of Trevek castle in memory of his great deed to the world). But for Lord colm he carried on keeping Minecraftia safe from any threat in the name of his beloved friend, Lord Colm died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 87 he also had a statue made of him beside his great friend.

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The Fall of Klethu

Adoeak Moonshadow

Burnock Dreadbeard