Minecraft Username: Okok111
Roleplay Name: Zeine Spellscale
Homecountry: Realm of death. As a necro draconian, I used to live in the realm of death before the rejection. It is black as midnight, and souls of chaos and light float about, wreaking havoc and fixing it.
Physical Appearance: I am an Necro Draconian. Gray wings, black scales, green eyes, green mouth.
Personality: I treat my friends as family, as all of mine has rejected me, but I still have a short temper, and my face is frozen in a rage. This is merely due to my genetics, and should be ignored.
Backstory: My family rejected me for i could not breathe fire. Rejected by my family, I wandered for a long time. I eventually met an old wizard. I was treated as a son by the fella. He waskKilled by a zealot of the cult of herobrine, and I was left alone. Left to practise the magical arts, I was soon around the ability an amateur Magician.
I was then hunted by the cult. Hunted because that that certain magician who looked after me very nearly had the secret of a powerful light that could destroy the very chaos that they worshipped. The knowledge was all believed to be handed down to me, but I knew NOTHING. I ran further. Soon after that i made it to melarion. I was safe.